Howler Dog Rescue
We Rescue Large Breed Dogs and train them to be emotional support animals to assist Veterans and public safety officers cope with mental illness, while we combat homelessness of our veterans.


Every month we are responsible and have a calling to serve our community. See how we can help you!

Dog Food Bank
 Every Tuesday between 1 and 4pm we will be out in town handing out 1Lb bags of dog food. This will help pet owners get by until they are able to get to a store.  This also helps reduce the amount of pets being taken into a shelter due to lack of essentials. Thanks to our community support and their donations of dog food we are able to help serve our community better!
About the Bath Clinic and Good Boy Day!
 Every 3rd saturday of the month we go out into the community (by appointment) and help give pets a bath, nail trim, and use a deshedding brush to keep them clean. Having a clean pet reduces insect bites which could lead to diseases.

Good Boy Day- is also by appointment - but is focused on going to your pets location and helping with basic obedience training. Many pets are taken to shelters over not being trained. We want to help combat this by helping provide a service to our community.

These programs help fund our mission so we do not have a set fee but are a donation based service. We will never refuse anyone help due to the inability to donate.

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